We are proud to have been one of the first clinics in the region offering orthopedic repairs, an enthusiasm of Dr. Don Sanders. Dr. Cole has had additional training on problems of the knee (stifle) and fracture repair. He has attended surgery conferences in Chicago and Kansas City, as well as at Ohio State. However orthopedic medicine has evolved into a board-certified specialty with skilled surgeons that do nothing but miracles with bone. Therefore Dr. Cole concentrates on procedures where his caring team can provide budget-friendly care when referral to the best surgeons of Ohio State and Medvet is not an option. We currently provide extracapsular stabilization of torn cruciate ligaments using the Securos system, correct luxating kneecaps, and can stabilizing some fractures with pins or screws. We sometimes partner with the orthopedic specialists, removing advanced plates and prior repairs that have done their job but are now causing problems, often saving the need to go back to Columbus.
We also prioritize care after the surgery. Dr. McManus has been trained in veterinary acupuncture and is currently training in veterinary chiropractic adjustments, allowing her to speed the recovery.