Surgery includes routine anesthetic of a healthy cat, anesthetic monitoring, as well as sterile surgery pack and suture – $95.00


  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork – $54.00
  • ProBNP heart screening test – $38.00
  • IV lifeline – $45.00
  • Extra pain medication – $20.00
  • Laser surgery (additional) – $52.00

It’s not just about avoiding unwanted kittens, and their kittens. And those kitten’s kittens. When we spay a cat we surgically remove the ovaries and uterus. This prevents life-threatening uterine infections and eliminates the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer. If she is spayed before her first heat cycle (usually around 7 months age) we almost eliminate the risk of mammary tumors (breast cancer). 90% of mammary tumors are malignant in cats, and aggressive surgery is required to have a chance of cure. Spaying your cat may save her life.

The surgical sight is treated with healing laser light, to speed recovery.

After she is given an injection and falls asleep, inhalation anesthetic and oxygen are supplemented as needed to make sure she feels no pain. Her belly is shaved and scrubbed three times with a surgical disinfectant. The surgeon’s hands are thoroughly scrubbed, plus sterile single-use gloves are worn. The surgeon also wears a sterile gown, cap, and mask. Your cat’s belly is draped off to prevent contamination. A sterilized surgery pack contains all the necessary instruments. The muscle and skin are sutured in several layers after the surgery. Whenever possible, skin sutures are buried underneath

the skin and will dissolve on their own, meaning she doesn’t have to come back for suture removal.