Surgery includes combination of pain control and pre-anesthetic injections, Isoflurane inhalation anesthetic, anesthetic monitoring, and sterile surgery pack and suture.

How old should my pet be?

In addition to avoiding embarrassing conversations with your neighbors, neutering also minimizes aggressive tendencies, helping your favorite friend keep in your good graces. It also minimizes frustration behaviors and carnal relationships with your furniture. Equally important, it protects your pet from problems due to an enlarged prostate or prostate infection.

After he is given an injection and falls asleep, he is given a tracheal tube to breathe through and provided with inhalation anesthetic and oxygen for the duration of the surgery. The surgical sight is shaved and scrubbed three times with a surgical disinfectant. The surgeon’s hands are thoroughly scrubbed, plus sterile single-use gloves are worn. The surgeon also wears a sterile gown, cap and mask. The surgery field is draped off to prevent contamination. A sterilized surgery pack contains all the necessary instruments. The muscle and skin are sutured in several layers after the surgery. Skin sutures are buried underneath the skin and will dissolve on their own, meaning he

doesn’t have to come back for suture removal. The surgical sight is treated with healing laser light, to speed recovery.