10. The younger the pet at the time of surgery, the more straightforward the procedure and the quicker the recovery, allowing patients to go home the same day. Newer anesthetic choices make for safe procedure and more rapid recovery, for both young and old pets.
9. Breeding costs even more money than having your pet spayed or neutered.
8. Breeding is much more work for you and your pet.
7. For females, spaying eliminates heat cycles and the spotting that comes with them (dogs).
6. Fewer visits from neighborhood dogs/cats because pheromones are no longer present.
5. Males show reduced aggression, anxiety, and roaming, thus reducing the chance of being hit by cars, getting in fights, or becoming lost.
4. Reduces urine marking.
3. Decreased infection rate because there will be one less organ to harbor disease.
2. Decreased risk of cancer (mammary for females, testicular or prostatic for males).
#1 Reason— Your pet won’t be contributing to
the pet overpopulation problem!!