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Ed LeValley

Ed was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio. After working for International Harvester for 36 & 1/2 years, he retired. Shortly after retiring, he moved here to Urbana and started working at the clinic doing maintenance. That was 22 years ago. Ed likes to “keep busy and outta trouble”.

Ed has been married to his beautiful wife, Corina, for almost 52 years now. They have had three sons, Michael (now deceased), Kevin, and Timothy. To quote Ed, he has “bunches” of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Ed has a cat named “Binker”, given to him by his son Michael. He also has a dog named “Itty Bit”, a Dachshund. About a year ago, “Itty Bit” was accidentally closed inside the recliner and got stuck. Ed and his neighbor improvised the “jaws of life” to pry apart the recliner to retrieve her from her furniture prison. In her panic upon being pulled out, Ed’s finger was bitten. “Itty” turned out to be just fine. Ed’s finger is still recovering.

In his spare time, Ed makes knick-knacks from wood using his jig-saw and other woodworking tools. He loves to go boating and fishing over at Brown Reservoir and Indian Lake with his kids. His favorite catch is Crappie. “It’s good eating!”