Laser Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy

Light, of course, powers chemical reactions. Plants have been doing this for a very long time. Light also catalyzes reactions. Chemists have been using this for over a century. Light can also have targeted beneficial effects on the body. This is the basis of laser therapy. Computers can predict light’s ability to penetrate past hair and skin pigment, reaching deeper tissue. The wavelengths we use are 980 and 810 nanometers. This is in the infrared edge of the spectrum. This energy is sufficient to reach a threshold and induce some good chemistry, but not enough to burn tissue. The FDA approved therapy lasers to treat muscle and joint pain in 2003 and regulates the devices. Our equipment is class IV. It is powerful enough to transfer meaningful energy to the tissue in minutes, not hours. This makes it many times more powerful than over the counter units you see on Amazon. They are bright enough to get the attention of mitochondria, the powerhouses deep inside each cell, accelerating beneficial chemical reactions

Photo courtesy of Companion Laser Therapy, Inc.


The photons of light help the cells produce ATP, the key molecule used to transfer energy within all cells. Nitric oxide is produced, causing blood vessels to dilate and blood flow to the damaged tissue to increase. This provides more energy, in the form of blood sugars. It also allows oxygen rich blood to better reach tissue. Cellular growth factors, ‘chemical messengers’, signal the body to expedite the healing process.

Urbana Veterinary Clinic has added this to our arsenal of tools for pain management and patient rehabilitation. This complements the spinal adjustment and acupuncture techniques Dr. McManus has devoted so much time and energy to offer. However we still depend traditional pharmaceuticals. The FDA makes these drugs prescription for a reason though. Pitfalls range from GI upset to organ damage. Narcotics lose effectiveness over time. Even quitting these medications can require a long tapering period to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Worse yet, they are often not sufficient. Therefore, we are receptive to many methods, often used in combination.

We are now using post op laser therapy automatically on our routine surgeries, to help the body heal. We also offer treatment packages as part of the aftercare for orthopedic surgeries and as a part of long term management of arthritis and other damage from age or injury. These are offered in three or six dose treatments and are done as outpatient appointments here in the office. 3-6 treatments done as an outpatient, as part of the aftercare for orthopedic surgeries and part of the long term management of arthritis and other damage of age or injury.