Jessica Horwath

Education: Urbana University

Hometown: Urbana, Ohio

Jessica has lived most of her life in Champaign County and is a 2004 graduate from Graham High School and a 2011 graduate from Urbana University where she majored in Biology. She has been with the clinic since December 2010. She is currently our communications manager.

Jessica and her husband Brent have one adorable little girl, named Aubrey Nicole, born in October of 2014 and one little boy named Aiden Anthony, born in February of 2018. Her hobbies include spending time with her and her husband’s families, traveling and gardening. She and her husband also love doing home renovation and interior decorating together.

She is a life-long pet lover and has two Golden Retrievers named “Murphy” and “Bailey” and a Himalayan cat named ‘Ruthie’.

Emily Workman

Emily graduated in September of 2013 from Miami-Jacobs Career College. She first started here at the clinic in July of 2013 as an intern. We liked her so much we decided to keep her!

Emily is a mother of two little girls. She has a Mastiff? Mix (Hoover) and two PAWS adopted cats (Garfield and Flower) that were delivered via cesarean right here at our clinic.

Emily is a big fan of “Dr. Who”—just check out her coffee mug! She loves to camp, fish, and spend time outdoors whenever possible.

Susan Lemon

Though born in West Point, Nebraska, Susan grew up in Dayton, Ohio with her seven brothers and sisters. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science degree from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!), Susan went on to get her Associate’s Degree from the Columbus Technical Institute (predecessor of Columbus State Community College) as the valedictorian of her graduating class. Along with these degrees, she is a registered veterinary technician and has been serving as such at the clinic for most of the last thirty-four years.

Susan found her life partner in Jim, and they have been blessed with three terrific children, Calvin, Ian, and Aretha, who are making their own way in the world.

Susan and her family have six pets among the five of them: “Hemi”, a big lovable mutt with a tornado tail; “Aero” and “Kiera”, the yin-yang twin Cairn Terrier-terrors; Louis, a beautiful Siamese cat also known as “Darth Vader” with his very audible breathing; “Pippin”, the Garfield-scared-y-cat that lurks in the basement; and “Kishu”, the grey tabby that likes to hang out in the rafters pretending to be a gargoyle.

Susan usually works in the background of the clinic, keeping tabs on paperwork, patients, and making sure everything runs smoothly while assisting wherever she may be needed.


Aero, Louis, and Kishu

Corey Shafer

Corey will soon be a 2017 graduate from Miami-Jacobs Career College, with a degree in Veterinary Technology. She has been with the clinic since September of 2017.

Corey and her husband, Dan, have three daughters and one son. She also has a dog named ‘Aries’ and a horse named ‘Hank’.

Corey enjoys hunting, kayaking and riding her horse.

Erin Christian

Erin has been with the clinic since December of 2014. She is a 2013 graduate from Miami-Jacobs with a degree in Veterinary Technology.

She enjoys camping and hiking with her husband and dog Raider. Erin also spends much of her time riding and caring for her two horses.

Karen Collette

Karen has lived most of her life in Champaign County, only leaving briefly to attend college at the University of Findlay. She has been with the clinic since July of 2014.

She grew up with horses, showing in 4-H and local show circuits. She also showed sheep in FFA during her high school years. Karen still enjoys animals very much, sharing a house with two dogs named ‘Toby’ and ‘Carly’, and two cats named ‘Callie’ and ‘Cheddar’.

She has four children that are active in sports and keep her very busy throughout the year.




Paige Crotty

My name is Paige Crotty! Animals are one of my biggest passions. I have 6 dogs (Sapphee, Charlie, Spirit, Ivory, Gypsy, and Bones), 4 cats (Gertrude, Skittles, Azul, and Punk), a rabbit named Chupacabra that live at my house. I also have two horses who I love to spend time with named Robin and Buddy. I also have several goats who I love dearly! My favorite activities are riding my horses, spending time with my other animals and family, photography, and shooting sporting clays with my dad. Rescuing and old cars are also huge passion of mine. I am currently a nursing student! I look forward to my future with the clinic!

Susan Reschar

Susan is an import from Florida. She has been with the clinic as a veterinary assistant since 2007.

She has been married to her beloved husband Paul for 36 years now. She has 3 children, Caleb, Calysa, and Caitlin. Susan is the very proud grandmother of her beautiful new granddaughter, Kiersten. She has the pictures to prove it–all you have to do is ask!

Susan lives on a 12 acre farm with “Steimie”, her “special needs” kitty and his 13 feline friends, her Australian Shepard “Ellie”, her 3 horses, “Blackjack”, “King Cutter Jody”, “Sunday”,and a “whole lotta hay”. Susan has competed as a hunter-jumper with her horse “Tender Eddie”, who was the 1997 Quarter Horse World Champion.

She loves to spend time with her family and play outside with all of her animals. Susan is a self-proclaimed “lover of life” and can frequently be heard whistling and singing through the halls of our clinic.

Pictured is Susan with her beloved horse “Tender Eddie”. He has recently crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” and will be greatly missed.

David Hicks

David grew up around St.Paris, OH and currently lives in Conover, OH with his wonderful wife and awesome son.

He has two dogs—a Blue Heeler named “Bella”, and a Pomeranian mix named “Princess”. He also has a tabby cat named “It”.

David is currently filling the role of maintenance assistant in the morning and veterinary assistant in the afternoon—and helping wherever needed in between.

David’s hobbies include spending time with his family, camping, swimming and other outdoor activities. He is looking forward to attending school to become a licensed veterinary technician in the future—but for now, he is enjoying his role at the clinic and learning all that he can!




Sara Drum

Sara is a former zookeeper and elephant handler with a wide range of animal experience and a bachelor degree in Studio Arts and Psychology. She is a military spouse with two children, two dogs, two bunnies, one cat and way too many chickens. Some of her favorite activities are camping, kayaking, scuba diving and horseback riding.

Victoria Dean

Victoria has been working in the front office since May of 2013. She attended Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio. Home of the “Fighting Muskies”. Yes, their mascot is a fish; however, it’s a fish with teeth! She has worked as an Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant in Public Relations and Affairs at IBM in Rochester, MN. Eleven years after she moved back to Ohio, she has finally thawed out!

Victoria has been married to Darin, her wonderful husband since 1997. She has two beautiful little girls—Libby and Sammy. She has four lovable aka spoiled cats– a Himalayan Mix named “Mr. T” and three Maine Coons named “Madison”, “Ben German”, and “Zilla”. Ben used to be “Benjamin”, but Libby couldn’t pronounce it and “Ben German” stuck!

Victoria loves to read, attend her daughter’s softball games and thoroughly spoil any and all animals whenever possible. She denies this, but our clinic pets, “Paws”, and “Reid” would disagree.

Ed LeValley

Ed was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio. After working for International Harvester for 36 & 1/2 years, he retired. Shortly after retiring, he moved here to Urbana and started working at the clinic doing maintenance. That was 22 years ago. Ed likes to “keep busy and outta trouble”.

Ed has been married to his beautiful wife, Corina, for almost 52 years now. They have had three sons, Michael (now deceased), Kevin, and Timothy. To quote Ed, he has “bunches” of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Ed has a cat named “Binker”, given to him by his son Michael. He also has a dog named “Itty Bit”, a Dachshund. About a year ago, “Itty Bit” was accidentally closed inside the recliner and got stuck. Ed and his neighbor improvised the “jaws of life” to pry apart the recliner to retrieve her from her furniture prison. In her panic upon being pulled out, Ed’s finger was bitten. “Itty” turned out to be just fine. Ed’s finger is still recovering.

In his spare time, Ed makes knick-knacks from wood using his jig-saw and other woodworking tools. He loves to go boating and fishing over at Brown Reservoir and Indian Lake with his kids. His favorite catch is Crappie. “It’s good eating!”

Emily Bishop

Emily was born and raised in Champaign County, Ohio. She graduated from Graham high school in 2001. She then earned her Equine Studies degree from Ohio University in 2003 followed by her Veterinary Technology degree from Columbus State Community College in 2008. She has been a registered Veterinary Technician since 2008.

Emily has been a horse lover her entire life and grew up showing horses in 4-H and local shows. She currently has one horse named Leo, a dog named Tucker and a cat named Mittens.

Emily and her husband, Jeremy, have two beautiful daughters Mallory and Rose. They enjoy spending time with family, riding horses, camping and hiking.

Lisa Botros

Lisa is a veterinary student at The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. She has one 5-year-old Collie named Lilah and is interested in sports medicine and acupuncture!


Abby specializes in dietary consulting and is a weight-loss expert! She has been with the clinic since November of 2015 (She is Dr. Cole’s owner). Since joining our team (adopted from Paws Animal Shelter), Abby has started a strict diet plan and is a great success story! As of January 2016, Abby has lost over 15#! We are so proud of her! She is such a sweetheart and a great addition to our clinic family!


Murphy is a our own little “Walmart Greeter”. He is an extremely social golden retriever who loves coming to work every day! He makes a great in-house therapy dog when anyone is having a bad day. Murphy owns our billing manager, Jessica. He has been a part-time team member since 2013(adopted from Barely Used Pets). Stop in and say “hi” to Murphy!


Paws has been a clinic resident since about 2009. She is our rodent control expert and does a fantastic job with perimeter security! Nothing gets past her! You will often find her in the front-window of the clinic, waiting to be let in to patrol the lobby.


Reid has been a clinic resident since 2014. He used to own our billing manager, Jessica, but he enjoys the clinic lifestyle and decided to become Paws’ roommate. He frequently demonstrates medication administration for clients and also volunteers to test our new clinic equipment for us! Reid has extra toes on both front feet and is an expert at opening cabinets and sometimes he opens our food to taste-test for us. (He has to make sure it is safe for us to eat–he’s so thoughtful!)