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Dec 19 2017

Cat Calming Kits Now Available!!

Visiting the clinic. Not so bad or the most terrible day ever?

From a cats’ perspective a lot of strangeness happens all at once. Strange is bad. Your cat spends hours patrolling the same rooms he examined yesterday, just to make sure nothing has changed. The pet taxi wasn’t there yesterday, so it’s bad. Until it was there yesterday and the day before. At that point it is less bad.


The car ride is terrifying. Cornering on two wheels, outrunning the cops, ignoring red lights. Maybe not, but try convincing a cat of that unless they travel often. Placing the pet taxi low and toward the center of the vehicle will minimize motion. Letting a cat run loose in the car has resulted in fatal accidents.


The exam room. There may be scary dogs in the background. This isn’t home. Family is hovering reassuringly, but to a cat that’s kind of scary as well. Every hunter knows to watch for eye contact, being observed is bad. What are the two-leggers doing to me? Nothing makes sense.


We are always working to make the experience as fear-free as possible. Here are a few ideas you may consider:

Cats don’t just communicate with their mouths. The noses are even more important, especially for communications at an emotional level. They use several pheromones to mark things. One of the most useful for our purposes is a ‘this is cool, and it’s mine’ smell they leave behind when they rub their faces against their most treasured possessions, including us. Feliway is a synthetic version of this.

Here’s how we can help:

We now have cat calming kits available, designed to make your visit as complaint free as possible. These kits include 3 Feliway wipes along with two capsules of a prescription medication that can be added to your cats food to protect from fear. These kits are by prescription only, which means the cat must have been in for a visit within the past year (per federal dispensing law). Detailed instructions will be given when you pick up your kit!

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