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Jan 04 2017

February is National Dental Month! Dental cleaning 10% off–February only!

Dear Pet Parent,

February is National Dental Month. Dental disease causes more than bad breath.   Dental infections let bacteria enter the bloodstream. Just as in people, dental disease is the number one cause of heart valve infections and one of the most common causes of kidney infections.   Most importantly, tooth infections hurt.   We want to help. Therefore, we are offering deep discounts for the month of February.

We don’t find cleaning teeth quite as easy as your dentist does. As much as we try, we have trouble explaining the concept of preventing future disease to your pet. Your pet lives in the moment. It all seems a bit scary. There is no way to do a thorough job on an awake patient without terrifying your pet and risking fingers or equipment. Unlike me, when I was five, they get to sleep through the experience!

We use sevoflurane, the safest of the safe gas anesthetics. We recommend screening blood work before anesthetic, to identify hidden problems and risk factors that might make the anesthetic dangerous. In the event we find concerns, we wait until we can talk about what the lab results mean.   Usually everything looks good. We have invested in high tech monitoring equipment, letting us keep close tabs on your pet electronically. This supplements our watchful eyes. We also highly recommend Iv catheterization, which can save vital time in the rare event of an anesthesia complication.

While your pet is asleep we use hand instruments and our state-of-the-art ultrasonic scaler to remove thick mineral tarter (the hard stuff that won’t brush off) and clean along the gum line to help fight periodontal disease. The final (and most important) step is to polish the enamel, creating a smooth surface that plaque and tarter have a hard time sticking to. Dental radiographs of questionable teeth allow us to determine if the tooth can be saved, and how best to preserve injured teeth.

Dental Month Savings 10% No limit on how many pets!  HURRY SPACE IS LIMITED!

Our goal is always to intervene early, before permanent changes can occur. We don’t always succeed. Necessary antibiotics, pain medication, and extractions are additional. Dogs need a negative heartworm check within the last year, and will be retested if they are not on preventative. Core vaccines need to have been given during the last year, or can be boostered while your pet is asleep. Call the team at Urbana Veterinary Clinic (937-653-7326) for details. Let us help you protect your pet!

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