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Nov 16 2015

Meet Abby!

Meet Abby!!

Dr. Cole met Abby at PAWS Animal Shelter (Urbana) on a routine house call and fell in love!

Though mature (7-8yrs old), she only had two health concerns. The first– she was in need of a dental cleaning, which has been done. The second– obesity. Her thyroid level was normal–so no easy solution there.

Dr. Cole has switched Abby to Hills Science Diet Metabolic formula and will continue to provide lots of exercise!

We will be documenting her results! So far:

11/5/15 111.8# w/a 42″ waist
11/13/15 107.6# w/a 38& 1/2″ waist

Lets go Abby!

We’re all so excited to have a clinic dog again!

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