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Oct 23 2015

Halloween and Pet Safety

Halloween and Pet Safety

  1. No candy for pets. Sadly, we have to worry about more than just chocolate for our furry friends. Sugar free products (Xylitol) and raisins (grapes) can prove just as toxic as the classic chocolate.
  2. Please watch candy wrappers and decorations as they prove to be dangerous if swallowed. These objects can cause intestinal obstruction and possible surgery if eaten at the worst OR lead to GI upset and discomfort at the minimum.
  3. Please be considerate of your pets this time of year. Some may not appreciate modeling customs and become stressed or anxious. Please use caution when dressing up your pets, as some parts of costumes can make for a potential issue if swallowed or chewed on. In addition, some pets may find all the strangers and costumes on people just as stressful or fear inciting–so please keep in a separate room from the area for handing out treats to people. We do not want our furry friends to escape or become lost.
  4. Please watch candles and electric cords this time year. We do not want burn injuries on our furry friends.
  5. Keep your pets inside for the evening.

Here are some great resources!

7 Things You Can Do to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet –From the American Veterinary Medical Association

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