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May 19 2015

**Lousiville Zoo Acupuncture Update**!


As many of you may remember, our own Dr. McManus has been performing acupuncture on a variety of critters at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky. Here are some updates!


“Albus” – the Babirusa – 200 lbs. Asian pig with slipping knee caps

He continues to show great improvement with physical therapy and acupuncture. Since his last acupuncture treatment Albus’ lameness is almost gone. Over 4 weeks Albus had only one day where he was sore in his right knee. He is off all his oral pain killers and moving so well that he and his girlfriend are expecting their first litter soon.

“Punch” – the Asian elephant with soft tissue injury

She is still a drama queen, but like Albus, she has shown minimal signs of lameness. She is more physically active and continuing her joint supplement. Soon she will have an even larger space to exercise, as the construction on their habitat expansion moves forward.

“Brownie” – the 18 year old Pygmy goat

Brownie does not let her chronic arthritis get the better of her, especially when food is involved. She is improving quite well with a combination of western therapy and acupuncture. She is like a new goat since working on her overall health and pain management. She is putting on enough muscle and weight that even Dr. McManus is impressed!

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