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Apr 01 2015

Tapeworms! Yuck!

A very common intestinal parasite frequently treated at the clinic is tapeworm. This nasty intestinal parasite is often described as resembling a “grain of rice”  found in pet bedding and often around the pet’s anus. Did you know that your pet can become infected with tapeworms by ingesting fleas? Keeping your pets on a monthly flea preventative such as Frontline Plus, Frontline Tritak, Revolution, Trifexis,  and Nexgard will help to prevent tapeworm infection. Also available is Bravecto (for dogs only), which will protect your pet against fleas for 12 weeks! Please note that these preventatives WILL NOT TREAT a tapeworm infection. We do however have a variety of medications available that will treat the infection. If you believe your pet may have tapeworms, you are welcome to drop off a stool sample during clinic hours for examination. Here is a great article for more information on tapeworms.

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