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Mar 07 2015

Dr. McManus Performs Acupuncture at Louisville Zoo in Kentucky

On March 7th,2015, our very own Dr. Kari McManus was invited to the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky for an acupuncture consultation on an AMAZING line-up of animals!!! She had the privilege of working on an 18 year old Pygmy Goat suffering from arthritis, a 44 year old female Asian Elephant named “Punch” that we believe is suffering from soft tissue damage, a 6 year old Babirusa (type of pig) named “Albus” with lameness due to a slipping knee cap, and a 27 year old Dromedary Camel named “Olivia”, with a swollen right front foot caused by possible osteoarthritis. This was such an awesome group of animals that Dr. McManus got to work with last weekend and utilize her knowledge of acupuncture. We are so thrilled that she was invited down and got to experience something that a typical general practice veterinarian doesn’t normally get to do! What a cool opportunity for her!!! She gets to go back and continue her treatments this weekend. We will keep you posted!!!

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