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Jan 09 2015

Rodent Poisons: What You Need to Know

ATTENTION!!!! Rodent poisons just got a lot more DANGEROUS! Please watch your cats and dogs!!! Rats have become tolerant to the old poisons faster than the eagles and owls that are eating them and now the new EPA mandated products are much more dangerous to dogs, cats and even your children. The new poisons are supposed to be sold in hard, plastic casing but, to save money, the refills are NOT, making it much more accessible to our pets and children. The new poisons are hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. Some products cause kidney failure while others cause the brain to swell. PROTECT YOUR PET…If exposure occurs, DON’T WAIT for your pet to get sick or show symptoms. Immediate hospital care maybe the only chance. We just watched a fantastic dog die today, despite the family bringing him in as soon as they found the empty TomCat packages.

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