• Meet Our New Summer Interns!

    May 12 2016

    Our 2016 summer interns have arrived! The handsome guy in the tuxedo is “Willy Wonka” and the gentleman in tan and white is “Hummer” (as you can guess, has lots…


    Apr 14 2016

      It has been brought to our attention that there is a very large population of raccoons displaying signs of distemper or rabies on Millerstown road in Millerstown. Please be…

  • Puppy Classes Now Available at UVC!!!

    Dec 17 2015

    PUPPY CLASSES & BASIC OBEDIENCE CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE!!! Puppy classes are ideal for puppies ages 8-14 weeks, and basic obedience classes are great for dogs of all ages! Classes will…

  • Meet Abby!

    Nov 16 2015

    Meet Abby!! Dr. Cole met Abby at PAWS Animal Shelter (Urbana) on a routine house call and fell in love! Though mature (7-8yrs old), she only had two health concerns.…

  • Birthday Fun

    Oct 31 2015

    Dr. Alex & Tamico have a great excuse for missing the Halloween party last weekend! He managed to sneak in a 3-day weekend for his birthday and went exploring in…

  • Halloween 2015

    Oct 31 2015

    Hope you all had a safe night trick or treating! Happy Halloween from our family to yours!  

  • Halloween and Pet Safety

    Oct 23 2015

    Halloween and Pet Safety No candy for pets. Sadly, we have to worry about more than just chocolate for our furry friends. Sugar free products (Xylitol) and raisins (grapes) can…

  • Help Our Local Dog Park by Shopping at Kroger!

    Oct 19 2015

    Champaign County Citizens for Canines Please register your Kroger card to Champaign County Citizens for Canines. This allows Kroger to donate a portion of their funds to them based on…

  • Are You Overfeeding Your Dog or Cat?

    Aug 03 2015

    We are seeing an increase in the number of obese dogs and cats. Unfortunately, obesity can greatly impact your pet’s life span as well as contribute to many diseases such…

  • It’s Buggy Out There!

    Jul 15 2015

    The mosquitoes seem to be really awful this year! Unfortunately, this also means we are likely to have more heartworm positive dogs next year. Please remember to keep your dogs…